Our horses are bred and trained for riders looking for control and performance. We adhere to a philosophy of strategic breeding, which has resulted in horses that are naturally athletic, well conformed and have a pleasant temperament.



Quarter Horses

Kapualei Ranch has specialized in quarter horses due to their wide-ranging capabilities, sturdiness, skills in the arena and natural beauty. We embarked on a strategic breeding program years ago and have improved our herd with each generation of foals. Our heard is almost entirely quarter horses, and each year we spend considerable effort determining the best combinations in our pursuit of control and performance. Although not a large volume breeder, we are fully committed to producing top-quality horses utilizing strategic breeding and specialized training programs.


Our bloodlines include Nu Cash, Gallo del Cielo, Duel Pep and Playgun, among others. Kapualei Ranch horses compete regularly in rodeos across the state of Hawaii in a variety of disciplines with riders of all ages. Our horses’ well-rounded characteristics have allowed them to be effectively used for ranch work, exhibition, and they have been featured in nationally televised shows.

Responsible and Fundamental Training

Horses can be purchased as young as wean­offs, or buyers may elect to have the ranch raise and train the horse for their desired purpose. All Kapualei Ranch horses receive responsible, fundamental ground training at early ages and have frequent human contact. Our methods result in pleasant dispositions and provide a foundation for more detailed training as they develop.

Specialized Training 

At three years old, Kapualei Ranch horses have basic riding skills for buyers looking for good, young riding horses. We utilize Molokai's mountainous terrain to naturally develop solid muscle mass and bone structure that ensure our horses are sound and sure of foot. Specialized training is available for a variety of arena skills, and this training can be folded into a purchase program for those buyers wanting their horses ready for a specific performance.