Our Corriente Cattle: Performance meets Utility.




Kapualei Ranch runs a Corriente herd because of their diverse uses for the ranch's operations. They are a managed herd with selective breeding for best performance.  Occasionally, some strategic cross breeding is done to freshen their genetics as well as give them the correct balance between athletic attributes and manageable disposition.  We put considerable time into their preparation prior to roping events so they are conditioned and consistent in the arena. 

Kapualei Ranch utilizes the herd in a variety of ways. We are two years into a three year initiative to create an prescribed grazing program promotes proper grass growth and soil preservation, while also supplying our herd with protein and nutrient-rich grass. This aligns with our core beliefs of responsible animal & land stewardship.

Our cattle are also used for the training of our horses. Bred to be cowy, our horses need exposure to the herd in order to nurture these natural instincts which are desirable for many of our buyers.  Simultaneously, the horses have a calming influence on the cattle in a paddock environment, which makes herd management and transfer much easier.


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